Cabra Dominican College Established 1886



St Dominic's Chapel



Cabra celebrated the 100th anniversary of our St Dominic's Chapel in 2017.

Its outstanding feature is the High Altar carved in Italy, of fine white Carrara marble, relieved with inlaid panels of rose and yellow.  The frontispiece consists of a large panel of white marble divided into three sections.  The central panel is decorat with a sculptured relief of The Last Supper.  On either side are smaller canopies for the statues of St Dominic and St Catherine of Siena.

The main body of the Chapel is lit by a set of ten striking stained glass windows from the famous maker of stained glass, C E Kempe of London.  The three windows over Our Lady's Altar in the Sanctuary are also from the same firm.  The collection of windows has been pronounced one of the world's finest because all are from the same source.

Our chapel is a beautiful, historical place of worship and celebration.

Chapel Table of Contents

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