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Several years ago, the Holy Cross Congregation of Dominican Sisters, better known as the Cabra Dominicans, joined with their North Adelaide and Eastern Australian Sisters in applying to the Holy See in Rome to establish a new canonical authority within the Catholic Church to govern their schools. Approval was granted in 2015 for the establishment of Dominican Education Australia (DEA) as the new Public Juridical Person responsible under church law for the education ministries of the Australian Dominican Sisters: seven schools in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, including Cabra. During 2016, Dominican Education Australia Limited and Cabra Dominican College Limited were each registered as companies limited by guarantee under Australian law. Late in 2016, the Cabra Dominicans transferred their responsibility for Cabra to Dominican Education Australia Limited. This re-founding of the governance of our College was particularly significant as it was finalised as part of the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Dominican Order.

College Board of Directors

The main responsibility of the Board of Directors is to ensure that the College remains truly responsive to its Dominican inheritance. The current members of the Board are:

Dr Bill Griffiths (Chair) Mrs Joanne Sawyer (Deputy Chair) Mr Christopher Allen, Ms Mary-Ann Royle, Mrs Meredyth Stewart, Ms Kerryn Boland, Mrs Stephanie De Garis, Mr Michael Dahl, Mrs Elysia Ryan, Dr Helen Riekie (Principal) Mr Paul Angley (Business Manager)


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Cabra works in collaboration with Catholic Education South Australia.

Strategic Direction

The Cabra Dominican College 2018-2020 Strategic Plan, designed by the Cabra Board of Directors, aims to assist the College in determining the course of action throughout this time. Inspired by our vision, it outlines four priorities and ambitions:

  1. Catholic Dominican Identity: The College Board ensures that Cabra Dominican College consciously and conscientiously evaluates, refines and expresses its Catholic identity and Dominican inheritance in ways that address the assessed needs of students and their families
  2. Learning and Teaching: The Board actively encourages the leadership of Cabra Dominican College to give absolute primacy to learning and teaching, and to forming and enabling the potential of each student. Every lesson, every interaction, every encounter, every effort is aimed at improving the efficacy of teaching, learning, and Christian formation.
  3. Governance and Leadership: The Board provides and maintains a governance framework that not only meets legislative and statutory requirements, but also actively enables the College to fulfil its vision and its obligations as a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition. The Board works actively and collegially with DEA to promote and secure the new national governance and support structures for the network of partner schools.
  4. Stewardship: The Board ensures the effective planning needed for the proper and systematic accumulation and application of the College’s physical, financial and human resources to promote the mission of the College and the ambitions of the Board.


Cabra Dominican College welcomes applications from all families seeking a Catholic education for their children.

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