Our Approach

The Learning and Teaching program at Cabra is student centred, evidence based and inclusive. We focus on creating a supportive and engaging space, fostering enquiry and appreciation of beauty, nurturing scholarship and a love of learning. We also understand the importance of taking risks, and making mistakes as essential parts of great learning.

Our students are able to choose from a rich and diverse range of subjects as they progress through different year levels. At Cabra, we do not ‘brand’ ourselves as a specialised school. We support each of our students as they seek to excel in the pathway for which they are destined. In essence, we achieve excellence in many different avenues and follow a unique path for each young person in our community. Our ATAR results are outstanding, a result of students having freedom and choice to study subjects that appeal to them, inspire passion and incite creativity and curiosity.

Our teachers are highly skilled and passionate educators who are encouraged to teach in a manner that is authentic to their own interests, personality and expertise. We know that students perform at their best when they are supported through new challenges, and at Cabra we provide an inclusive learning environment with high expectations and high levels of support.

To further enrich students’ learning experiences, we are committed to the continual enhancement of our facilities, grounds and curriculum development. These facilities then support a vast array of curriculum choices, from Design and Technology to Food and Hospitality subjects, and including Music, Dance, Drama, Science, Visual Arts and PE.

We are blessed to have many of our past scholars return willingly to Cabra to help mentor and support our current students in the atrium after school.




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