BYOD Program


At Cabra we use a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) approach to provide families with the most cost effective and flexible option for ensuring that your child can access learning and resources through the college network.
While you are free to purchase your preferred device through a supplier of your choice, we recommend laptops running on Windows or Mac OSX.

•Please note that Chromebooks, iPads and other tablets do not meet our specifications.
Minimum Specifications – both Apple and Windows devices are supported
•13-14 inch screen recommended
•Intel i5 processor
•8GB Ram
•256GB Hard drive (SSD recommended)
•802.11 Wi-Fi wireless networking
•USB Ports
•Minimum 8 hour battery life
•Recommended weight <2kg

Students can obtain a free licence for MS O365 and Windows OS-Win 10 etc. on commencement at Cabra. In addition, some subject specific software (media / art / music e.g. Adobe Creative Cloud etc.) can be installed free of charge on student devices.

The IT Help Desk is located in the Monica Farrelly Atrium Resource Centre.

Key contacts for more information about BYOD
Technical specifications of an existing device or compatibility issues – IT department:

Learning with technology, cyber safety and any other questions – Jarrad McCabe, Deputy Principal of People, Culture and Operations:


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