Our Identity

Cabra Dominican College is an educational ministry of Dominican Education Australia which provides an inclusive, caring and welcoming Catholic education in the Dominican tradition. Read more about this here

Our Vision

Cabra Dominican College, as a Christian community in the Catholic tradition, strives to nurture and develop the unique gifts of individuals, to liberate them in the search for truth, and to empower them to create a better world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a place of excellence in teaching and learning in the Catholic tradition. We have a strong commitment to outreach and social justice and encourage critical thinking and self-confidence. We work to provide a stimulating learning environment, which is holistic, and encourages and supports each teacher and student to be his or her best.

Our Faith

At Cabra we provide a Catholic education based on the tradition of a love of learning, search for truth, appreciation of culture and respect for the uniqueness of each person. We aim for each student to reach their full potential.

While this underpins every aspect of our work, it is brought to life in a special way through our religious education program, daily prayer, liturgies, retreats and reflection days. The constant invitation to mindfulness and prayer remains a distinctive and central part of Catholic education. The positive response of students reminds us how vital it is for them to grow spiritually in order to discover who God calls them to be.

Our Song

In late 1999 Cabra’s Ethos Committee proposed that the students and staff would work together to design and choose a ‘Cabra song.’’ The committee invited students and staff to enter a competition for the lyrics and/or music. There were many entries, and the selection process took almost a whole year. The winning entry came from two Year 12 students, Katia Labozzetta and Sarah Croser, and their song was called The Good, The Beautiful and the True. The winning entry was officially accepted as the college song in June 2001.

The song picks up many themes from Cabra’s history. The title comes from a quote attributed to St Thomas Aquinas and is a common expression within Dominican communities. The bridge, “Learn to learn, learn to live, learn to fly” comes from a staff retreat in 1995. The selection panel was pleased that in the year 2000 the theme of reconciliation was included, by acknowledging that Cabra stands on Kaurna land. Finally, it was the Sisters themselves who suggested that the lyrics refer to the founding Dominican Sisters as Celtic, not only because they came from Dublin, Ireland, but also because the Celtic expression of Catholicism continues to be important.

‘The Good, the Beautiful and the True’
(by Katia Labozzetta and Sarah Croser, Year 12 2000)

 Chorus:  On a journey together we search for truth
Valuing our difference embracing our youth
Celebrating freedom in all that we do
To find the good, the beautiful and the true.

On Kaurna land Cabra now stands
With open hearts and open hands
Proud of its history and the Dominican way
Sharing dreams and hopes for today.


A rich heritage of courage and strength
Celtic sisters came with intent
Inspiring us to never give up
Living the Gospel of love

People of God using our gifts
Our mission’s strong to work for justice
Including all and welcoming too
Forgiving each other is what we learn to do.


 Bridge:Learn to learn, learn to live, learn to fly …
To find the good, the beautiful and the true.


Coda:To find the good, the beautiful and the true


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