Built in 1917, our Chapel is a beautiful, historical place of worship and celebration. For more than a hundred years it has enhanced the spiritual life of students, staff and alumni of Cabra.

One of its outstanding features is the High Altar carved in Italy, of fine white Carrara marble.  The main body of the Chapel is lit by a set of striking stained glass windows from the famous maker of stained glass, C E Kempe of London. The collection of windows has been pronounced one of the world’s finest.

Chapel Hire

Hidden from the view of Cross Road by Cabra’s historical gates, the Chapel is a stunning place to celebrate your marriage.

Please note, the Chapel cannot be hired for any other purpose.

Cabra Chapel Windows

The Chapel Windows Project is now complete following a successful fundraising campaign and the installation during September and October 2022 of the Kim En Joong windows in the Sisters’ Choir Chapel.

The Kim En Joong windows are glorious, and very different in style to the CE Kempe windows of the main Chapel. Just like in 1917, their installation into the Sisters’ Choir Chapel has only been possible through donations from a generous community.

The women of the Holy Cross Congregation, who continue to be ahead of their time, looked to the future when they decided to move forward with this project. They understood that the Kim En Joong windows would nurture spirit and faith across generations – for all the community, in every celebration held in the Chapel. The windows are a fitting tribute and memorial for the Dominican Sisters who founded our school, and all those Sisters who have dedicated their life’s work to Cabra in the years since.


About Father Kim En Joong OP and the Windows Artwork

Father Kim En Joong’s stained glass windows can be found in many churches, chapels and cathedrals across Europe. The Dominicans have a long affiliation with the arts and the beauty of life. When the Dominican Sisters established Cabra Dominican College in 1886,  they encouraged their students to pursue the arts – whether that was music, drawing or painting – as an acknowledgment of each individual’s God-given gifts.

Read more about Fr Kim En Joong here:

“Father Kim En Joong’s artwork beautifully aligns with the Cabra’s rich history and will be a fitting addition to the Chapel. The notion of beauty in a sacred space will be reflected through the new Sisters’ Choir Chapel windows, capturing the Dominican ethos of seeking and valuing beauty as an expression of divine beauty.”

Sr Bernadette Kiley OP


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