Rory’s School Lunches

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Healthy Affordable Food

The Cabra canteen is run by Rory’s School Lunches, who provide healthy, fun, affordable food, that follows the healthy eating guidelines recommended by the State Government of South Australia.

Lunch Orders

Rory’s School Lunches provides a pre-order menu as well as a cafeteria-style recess and lunch time service.

Lunch can be pre ordered at the canteen or by using the Qkr! app before 8:30am on the same day.

The Menu

A wide range of dishes will be available on a rotating basis each day including:
Pasta, stir-fry, noodle dishes, curries, rice dishes, oven bakes, wraps & yiros, toasted subs, burgers & hot dogs, breakfast wraps and muffins, freshly made baguettes, wraps and sandwiches, speciality salads, drinks, ice creams and snack items.

EFTPOS facilities are available in the canteen.

From Rory’s Food

“All of our meals are made with love by our in‑house chefs. Because our food is delivered daily to your school canteen we do not need to use harmful preservatives to extend its shelf life. We cook the traditional way, taking advantage of fresh herbs and spices, so there is no need for additives to boost the flavour of our food. We use only breast chicken and 95% fat-free beef mince. Our Napolitana sauce is packed full of veggies, it’s just you wouldn’t know it. Our baguettes, wraps and sandwiches are made fresh when you order them. We sell the Balfour’s Better Bite Range, which are reduced in sodium and fat.”



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