Student Leadership & Social Justice

Student Leadership

Student Leadership is an integral part of the Cabra community and provides formal opportunities for students’ voices to be heard, enabling them to participate in shaping the community to which they belong. It celebrates the gifts, talents and contributions of students as they serve the school community.

Student Leadership at Cabra nurtures, challenges and affirms young people. Mentoring for skill development, confidence, understanding of self, and insight into the attributes of effective leadership, is continuously lived. In this way, our Student Leaders continually grow through the support of the community around them, as well as being empowered to be agents for positive change in the wider community.


Social Justice

Through our Student Leadership program, our student leaders inspire their peers and teachers alike with their commitment to social justice activities and standing in solidarity with those marginalised in our community. Most notable is the genuine desire of Cabra students to understand the causes of injustice and how they might contribute to building a better world for everyone. Each year our students support Caritas’s Project Compassion and the Vinnie’s Winter Appeal, while also focussing on issues within our school, such as sustainability, and issues in the wider community, like rights for refugees. In our daily lives at Cabra, the commitment to social justice is also evident in the many ways that our students allow and encourage their peers to be themselves and welcome those who are new to our country, our neighbourhood and our college.


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