2024 Tuition Fees

Cabra is committed to providing support to our students, their families and caregivers, staff and community members.  To continue providing financial support to all of our families, the Board has decided to apply a minor increase for Years 7 to 9 and no increase for Years 10 to 12 to the 2024 tuition fees.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 8179 2400 and choose option 4, or via email at fees@cabra.catholic.edu.au

Upfront Discount

When fees are paid in full by the due date, the upfront discount has been increased from 2% to 3% and is applied to the net tuition fee balance.

School Card Rebate

For families who are eligible for the Department for Education SA School Card, the Board endorsed rebate of 50% continues for 2024.

Sibling Discount

Cabra Dominican College offers a very supportive sibling discount rebate. Our model applies the discount to all siblings currently enrolled at Cabra, and not to just one student/sibling. This does not always apply in other schools. In addition, as we offer one inclusive tuition fee for each year level, the sibling discount is applied to all fees and charges included in that amount.

Catholic Sibling Discount

Similar to the sibling discount, we will continue to provide a discount for every sibling attending a Catholic parish primary school. This discount also applies to each child currently enrolled at Cabra and similarly to the sibling discount, is applied to all fees and charges included in the tuition fee. Submission of the Sibling Discount Form is required each year.


Edstart powers our payment plans for families looking to smooth your fees across the year into weekly, fortnightly or monthly instalments, with the option to extend payments beyond the current school year. Families can manage all education-related costs in one place including tuition fees, uniforms, laptops and extra-curricular activities. Click the button below to learn more, or to apply for a payment plan, visit edstart.com.au/cabra

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Families Experiencing Financial Hardship

We encourage any family experiencing financial hardship to make contact with our Family Finance Officer and/or the Business Manager to have a confidential discussion concerning your personal situation. We have a structured process in place whereby families can provide evidence of financial hardship to access an appropriate level of financial support. Email fees@cabra.catholic.edu.au

For full details of the 2023 Tuition fees, Sibling Discount rates and the Upfront discount due date, please refer to the below document – Fees 2023.

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Payments for co-curricular activities can be made via the Qkr! app.

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Cabra Dominican College welcomes applications from all families seeking a Catholic education for their children.

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