Ruth Evans

Leader of Diverse Learning

“I have a number of degrees in education, special education, Catholic education, leadership and management as I enjoy learning and want to do the very best job that I can as an educator. Much of my career has been working with students with special needs. I love that I work with the St Mary’s Unit and Learning Centre students most of the school day. I love that our staff, facilities, the inclusive approach of Cabra Dominican College and the opportunities accessed by our students are innovative, cutting edge and of the highest quality. I also love that I am humbly following in the footsteps of the Dominican Sisters whose incredible vision, steadfast conviction and compassion for students with special needs ensured the establishment and continuation of the St Mary’s Unit. I am involved in many aspects of Cabra; I teach Society and Culture – Religion, Language Enrichment, Community Studies and also SMU subjects. I am involved in the Cabra Musical as the costume designer and am also the producer for the annual Cabra Celebrates. I am also a SACE Modified Reviewer.”