The Windows Project

Cabra Chapel Windows Project

Steeped in history and tradition, the Cabra Chapel has formed the heart of our school grounds since its establishment more than 100 years ago.

This beautiful space has enhanced the spiritual life of our students, staff and Cabra old scholars, with many former students returning to celebrate marriage here.

Adorning the walls of the main section of the historic Cabra Chapel is a series of stunning stained glass windows created in London during World War I, shipped to Australia and installed when the Chapel was built in 1917.

In the Sisters’ Choir section of the Chapel, the windows are plain and have been covered for many years. After the recent demolition of the old infirmary addition and subsequent renovations, the windows are visible again and in need of refurbishment.

An opportunity has arisen to have a set of brand-new windows installed in the Sisters’ Choir Chapel. The artwork for the windows has been created by Dominican Friar and world-renowned artist Father Kim En Joong OP.

These magnificent works of art are of international and historical significance and will amplify the beauty of our historic Chapel in an extraordinary new way.

Support the Cabra Chapel Windows Project

While Father Kim En Joong’s magnificent artwork for the windows has been kindly gifted to the Sisters’ Choir Chapel, we are seeking the generous support of our alumni and broader school community to donate towards the production, shipping and installation of the windows.

Ensuring students are surrounded by beautiful and inspiring spaces that enhance their learning and nourish their spirituality is one of our key philosophies at Cabra.

Your donations will help to ensure the Cabra Chapel remains a vibrant part of our school community for many years to come.


Right: Artistic rendering of how the windows will look in the Sisters’ Choir Chapel,
by Glasmalerei Peters Studios, the glaziers creating the windows


Donations are tax-deductible and we will email you a receipt immediately.

All donors will be listed in The Good, the Beautiful and the True magazine and the Veritas yearbook, and donations of $1000 or more will be recognised on a Donors’ Board located in the foyer of the Cabra Chapel. The amount donated will not be listed and names will be in alphabetical order.

To donate to the Cabra Chapel windows project, click the DONATE button below.



About Father Kim En Joong op and the Windows Artwork

Father Kim En Joong’s stained glass windows can be found in many churches, chapels and cathedrals across Europe. The Dominicans have a long affiliation with the arts and the beauty of life. When the Dominican Sisters established Cabra Dominican College in 1886,  they encouraged their students to pursue the arts – whether that was music, drawing or painting – as an acknowledgment of each individual’s God-given gifts.

Father Kim En Joong’s artwork beautifully aligns with the Cabra’s rich history and will be a fitting addition to the Chapel. This notion of beauty in a sacred space will be reflected through the new Sisters’ Choir Chapel windows, capturing the Dominican ethos of seeking and valuing beauty as an expression of God’s divine beauty.

We would greatly appreciate your support to help us preserve and enhance this sacred space.

If you have further questions about the Windows Project, please email Anna Garcia at or call 8179 2400.

Read more about Fr Kim En Joong here:


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