2018 SACE Results

We are delighted to share with you our 2018 Year 12 graduands results and congratulate all of our students, their families and their teachers.  We celebrate not only their final results but the commitment of the wider community to support each individual student celebrate their own success at our College.  We are sincerely appreciative of our teachers’ expertise, time, patience and commitment that allows each of our students to grow and learn.

As a community we particularly celebrate:

  • The SACE Board confirmed that 100% of all students eligible for 2018 SACE completion successfully attained their SACE certificate.
  • Luke Bruno who is our “Dux” is to be commended on his fantastic achievements with an ATAR of 99.4
  • Michael Lazaros who is our “Dux Proxime” has also achieved outstanding results with an ATAR of 98.25

Luke Bruno, Dux

Michael Lazaros, Dux Proxime









Students who received an A+ merit

Claire Gilbert                  Religious Studies, Workplace Practices

Luke Bruno                    Italian

Anna Grbin                     Psychology

Annabel Law                  Religious Studies

Patrick Moriarty              Physical Education

Dylan Terry                    Workplace Practices


Students who received an A+

Kayla Carbone               Tourism

Darcie Gleeson              Research Project

Sebastian Kilmartin        Mathematical Methods

Michael Lazaros             Mathematical Methods, Specialist Maths

Helena Tran                   Child Studies

Tara Wijesinha               Religion Studies

Tate Williams                 Research Project

Our students took part in forty two different Stage 2 subjects, Vocational Education Training and University courses. Students worked with dedication and commitment over several years in combination with careful subject selection and counselling, supported by our expert staff and extensive resources.  We work in close consultation with students and families to choose subjects that allow each individual to work to their strengths in the wide and varied subject selections available at Cabra Dominican College.  We look forward to hearing about the post school pathways selected by all of our students and will celebrate these outstanding recipients at our Academic Assembly.

We wish our graduands of 2018 all the best in the next stage of their University pathways, TAFE courses and post school employment opportunities.

Nicole Laube, Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching



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