Cabra Dominican College Established 1886

St Mary's Unit

The St Mary’s Unit was established at Cabra Dominican College in 1981. In its thirty plus years, the St Mary’s Unit has brought many meaningful teaching and learning experiences for the students. The St Mary’s Unit students enrich the Cabra Dominican College community with their enthusiasm, passion and talents. 
The unit provides specialised life education curriculum programs for students with diagnosed intellectual disabilities. Below is an outline of the curriculum focus. Please note that the enrolment process and selection criteria is the same for the St Mary's Unit, as that of the College.

Life Education Curriculum

Functional Literacy

The functional literacy program offered in the St Mary’s Unit extends the students’ literacy skills, providing opportunities for students to enhance the skills that will be essential for independent living and life after school. Some of the areas of focus include reading for meaning, learning and recoding personal details, comprehension of visual signs, menus and labels, interpreting recipes and writing shopping lists, speaking on the phone and recording messages.

Functional Numeracy
The functional numeracy program provides an opportunity for the students to extend their skills in Mathematics that are vital for independent living. Some of the areas of focus are Addition & subtraction, Time & time management, Calendar, Measurement for daily living and Money management
Personal Development
The Personal Development program created by the unit assists the students understanding and management of the following skills: Friendship, Relationship, Conversation skills, Social skills, Personal safety & Sexuality, and Disability Awareness.
Work Education
The Work Education program gives the students an opportunity to experience, explore and develop skills in a number of areas. Particular focus is given to researching post school options & undertaking work experience, and much practice is put into developing skills in Creating & maintaining effective relationships in the work place, Self management and behaviour regulation in the work place, Enhancing performance skills, Effective Communication and developing an awareness of Occupational Health and Safety.
Life Education
The Life Education program gives students skills in life post school. Some of the areas of focus include Cooking, Transport Education and Gardening. The planning, preparation and participation in the annual sleepover and camp also provide the students with an opportunity to experience independent living. The exposure to Leisure and Recreation activities is also a large focus of the Life skill program. This gives the students an opportunity to experience sport and social opportunities.
SACE Program
A SACE program is created and delivered in the Unit setting. Some of the students also participate in modified mainstream SACE programs.
Mainstream Inclusion
Students are part of a home group and their year level pastoral care program. Students are also included into mainstream classes. The level of inclusion is determined on an individual basis.