Cabra Dominican College Established 1886

Middle School


Middle Schooling at Cabra commences at Year 6 and goes through to Year 9.

Year 6 and Year 8 are the usual entry points.

The Nature of Adolescence

Cabra recognises the uniqueness of young adolescence as a time of significant change in the students' physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social development (at a rate that is also different for each individual).

We also acknowledge that young adolescents try to make meaning of their lives in a complex world of ongoing social, economic and technological change.

Curriculum and Learning

Middle Schooling at Cabra offers a broad curriculum aiming to provide a learning environment that:

  • acknowledges diversity of learning styles
  • challenges/motivates/engages
  • is purposeful and relevant to their lives
  • allows creativity, exploration, negotiation and self-evaluation
  • builds on prior knowledge and experience
  • nurtures individual gifts and talents
  • inspires excellence
  • creates opportunities for success

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Pastoral Care

At a time when self-identity and a sense of belonging are paramount, Cabra's Middle School structures provide students with a caring Year Level community culture where they can form strong relationships with significant adults (Class Teachers/Year Level Co-ordinators) who nurture them and try to meet the individual needs of the students in their care.