Cabra Dominican College Established 1886

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre

Embracing uniqueness through diversity


We recognise the uniqueness of all students and the importance of providing opportunities to nurture and develop each individual’s gifts.

The Learning Support Centre program at Cabra Dominican College caters primarily for mainstream students with a diagnosed disability or learning difficulty. Our aim is to support students to become confident and engaged, and to make positive choices towards becoming independent learners.

Our Staff
The learning support staff consists of two specialist coordinators and a team of experienced Educational Support Officers (ESOs). We are committed to the ongoing professional development of staff, to ensure that we offer the best of current methodologies and practices. Periodically, members of our team are called upon to train others working in similar roles in other schools.

Our Facilities
Our new Learning Support Centre is a comfortable and welcoming space that students enjoy coming to. It is conveniently located on the ground floor in the centre of the campus. 

In class and out of class support
Differentiation in the classroom and access to adjusted programs are designed to enable all students to be included in the curriculum.
The type of support provided is negotiated to best address the needs of the individual.  Consequently, our students and teachers have come to welcome additional teachers and support staff working within the classroom to provide specialist assistance.
An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is constructed and implemented to capture the various supports provided. The IEP is negotiated with student, parents and teachers and is reviewed periodically. Other consultants, such as psychologists and speech pathologists, are also included in the IEP process, giving us the opportunity to establish a comprehensive and well-coordinated approach to supporting each child.There are also opportunities for some students to benefit from working in smaller groups outside of the regular classroom focussing on academic and social development. These opportunities are designed to complement the mainstream learning programs and are negotiated during the IEP process.
Extra programs and activities available for students accessing the Learning Support Centre include:
The centre is open at lunch times allowing students to access additional help with school work and a quieter space for small groups to interact socially.
A Catch-Up Session is run weekly after school to provide students with extra homework support.
An Activity Club is offered to selected students once a term to provide social opportunities through a variety of low cost activities.
Peer education may be offered to support the understanding of an individual’s needs and challenges.
Social skills and specialised mindfulness sessions are offered to selected students as per need.










For more information, please contact The Learning Centre Coordinator on 8179 2459