Student Wellbeing

community, connection, belonging

Relationships are the foundation of meaningful living and learning. Restorative practice and maintaining the dignity of every individual is central, and we encourage our students to engage with each other with kindness, compassion and empathy.

Pastoral care of students at Cabra seeks to nurture the whole person and is thus, reflected in every aspect of school life. Cabra offers a number of formal structures, staff, programs and services to enhance the care and support offered to our students, throughout their adolescent years.

Learning and wellbeing are explicitly connected. Our pastoral care programs are designed to promote a growth mindset so that students feel comfortable taking risks in their learning, thinking critically and creatively, and perhaps discovering a new-found talent as they do so. Valuing the interconnectedness of all creation and being open to God’s spirit at work in our midst, allows all of our students to grow.

The House Structure is the core foundation for student wellbeing and pastoral care. Belonging to one of Cabra’s four houses, Boylan, Kavanagh, Moore and Murphy, allows each student to feel strongly connected within our larger college community. All relationships and procedures within the house reflect the College’s belief in the centrality of pastoral care, student wellbeing and restorative practice.

The House Structure offers a smaller community to enhance connectedness and a caring environment where student’s overall welfare, uniqueness and development is nurtured. This includes leadership, academic and pastoral development. Additionally, our House Structure aims to enhance relationships, providing greater opportunities for connection and support when transitioning between year levels. Essentially from the first day of a students’ life at Cabra, to their graduation ceremony in Year 12, they will be part of a smaller community – their House.


The pastoral care approach is led and supported by the House Leader and Home Class Teachers. House Leaders work closely with students, staff and families throughout the year, whilst ensuring the pastoral care program meets the needs of the students in their care. The Home Class Teacher offers significant pastoral care support and is responsible for their students’ overall development and care.

Students also have opportunities to connect with others, through year level activities, classes and our extensive extra-curricular activities. Each year level has a pastoral care program which includes information/instruction on aspects of personal development, such as habits of mind, positive psychology, study skills and learning gratitude and resilience.



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