Cabra Dominican College Established 1886

Years 10 - 12

Cabra encourages all students to strive for excellence by opening new vistas and widening the educational opportunities for the large range of student abilities that exist within and across Year 10 through to Stage 2 (Year 12.)

There is an emphasis on diversity, flexibility and specialisation.

  • Diversity is achieved through course content, alternative assessment procedures and an increased variety of subject options, both full year and semester.
  • Flexibility is achieved through the opportunity to study full or part time, personalised timetabling (which includes the possibility of incorporating subjects across different year levels - for either academic extension [acceleration] or consolidation) and semester studies.
  • Specialisation occurs for those students wishing to proceed with pre-University or Vocation orientated subjects and/or courses.

A greater degree of personal choice and student accountability is implied in our programs.  Our strong focus on the pastoral care of all students is maintained by counselling and support available through the House Leaders, Home Class and Subject Teachers, in addition to the School Counsellor, Careers Counsellor and Deputy Principal.


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