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Music Programme

Come and Play

Cabra offers a wonderful selection of musical experiences for students across all year levels and abilities.
Music lessons provide students with an opportunity to learn an instrument of choice, meet other students who have similar musical passions and participate in college performances, competitions and overseas music trips.
Come and play with us in one of the following Bands, Choirs, Drum Corps or Ensembles.

Bands Choirs Drum Corps Ensembles
Concert Band    
Jazz Band    
Marching Band
Middle School Band
Senior Rock Band
Stage Band
Festival Choir     
Cabra Chorus     
Concert Choir
Jazz Train     
Beginner Drum Corps
Junior Drum Corps     
Developmental Drum Corps
Senior Drum Corps
Brass Ensemble     
Clarinet Ensemble     
Flute Ensemble     
Guitar Ensemble     
String Ensemble     
Wire Choir – Guitar Ensemble