Cabra Dominican College Established 1886

Religious Education

A Vision of Faith and Spirituality  
The religious life and spirituality that are central to the College's identity foster this vision. As a Christian Dominican Community, Cabra's religious life incorporates not just Religious Education classes, but various activities, including class prayer, retreats, liturgies and social action groups.
Our Aims

To be a welcoming Christian Community through life-giving relationships within the school.

To support students in discovering contemporary means of expressing their faith and spirituality, mindful that not all are from Catholic backgrounds and that many have a limited experience of local church.

To be an effective part of the Church's mission.

To proclaim the Gospel of a loving God, especially by inviting, introducing and leading our students to a deeper inquiry of the message of Jesus.

To develop a more holistic relationship with creation.

To work for a more just society.

To offer liturgies which foster a celebration of life and faith through student involvement, integration of the arts, student and staff collaborative planning and inclusive language.

To welcome the exploration and naming of faith through the example and witness of staff, prayer, religious symbols and many of our endeavours such as retreats and reflection days.

To be proactive in providing opportunities for social justice, service and charitable outreach.

To be in partnership with the local church in supporting parents in their primary role as faith educators of their children.

To have the whole school curriculum inspired by the Dominican search for truth, reflecting Catholic Christian values in its design and delivery.

To have a comprehensive Religious Education Curriculum (ie, classroom or formal Religious Education) which primarily has an academic "Catholic and Religious Studies" approach with a methodology grounded in student life experience, yet complemented with strategies providing an "invitation to faith"